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It’s time to review your telecoms and make savings on business lines, calls, broadband, mobile and more besides.

If you haven’t had an audit of your telecoms services recently, there is a very high chance that you’re paying too much for your existing business lines, calls, broadband and mobile services and you may not be taking advantage of the latest advancements in technologies such as hosted VoIP. Columbus will provide a free audit of your telecoms services that will help you answer the questions below and many more besides:

  • How much am I paying for my calls?
  • Am I paying for lines I’m not using?
  • Can I make savings on my phone bill?
  • Is Hosted VoIP right for my business?
  • Is there a solution that allows me to work from home and the office?
  • How can I get the latest call features?
  • What can I do to improve my business’s ability to recover from a fire, flood, power or service outage?
  • Am I compliant if I take card payments over the phone?
  • How can I record calls cost-effectively and are there any legal considerations in doing so?

How The Telecoms Audit Works

Stage 1 – Review and consultation

We recommend a preliminary review call or meeting so that we can understand your organisation and operational set up and establish your business issues and requirements.

Stage 2 – Information gathering and data collation

We will gather the information we need to complete the audit process. This will usually include service invoices, service contracts and maintenance agreements.

Stage 3 – Analysis

The Columbus audit team will then carry out analysis of all the information collated and produce an audit report accompanied by a clear summary of audit highlights.

Stage 4 – Recommendations and proposals

Based on the audit objectives, Columbus will provide details of recommendations and proposals where applicable. Please note there is no obligation to proceed with any recommendations that we may provide.

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    Business telecoms from Columbus UK include Horizon, a hosted phone system which offers integration with over 50 of the leading CRM systems in the UK.

    If you’ve got a question, need advice or would like to book an audit please get in touch, we’d love to help you. Call us on 0333 240 7755.