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Columbus Inbound Numbers

We've got your number! Wide choice of business telephone numbers and outstanding call handling solutions from Columbus UK.


Improve customer service, strengthen business continuity, boost operational efficiency & reduce costs.

Feature rich, simple to use and cost effective call handling solutions for any size or type of business.


If you’re looking for Inbound Numbers that provide...

A wide choice of UK and international number options, market-leading rates, web-enabled control, lots of clever features, ease of use, quick set up and no capital outlay...


Then our Inbound Numbers and call handling solutions are the right choice for your business.

We'd be delighted to help you. Call us on 0333 240 7755 to chat about your requirements.


From straightforward call routing services to comprehensive call centre solutions, Columbus Inbound Numbers can help your business improve efficiency, flexibility, continuity and save you money.

Columbus provides a comprehensive portfolio of inbound business telephone numbers combined with easy to use, call management applications for any type and size of business including small businesses, informal contact centres, call centres, enterprise and government. Our UK inbound numbers include 01/02, 03, 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871. Columbus Inbound Numbers are incredibly easy to use and can be managed from anywhere, on any device and with any number.

There’s no capital outlay and inbound numbers can be set up in minutes for maximum operational efficiency. Inbound also provides a ready-made business continuity solution. In the event of an outage you can instantly direct calls to another location, either manually or automatically. Columbus also provides a diverse range of worldwide telephone numbers which allows organisations to provide telephone numbers wherever they serve customers without the costs associated with opening an office in a new territory.

Service Highlights

  • Wide choice of UK and International Inbound Numbers
  • Market leading rentals and rates
  • No capital outlay
  • No long term contracts
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly feature rich
  • Very quick to set up
  • Secure web portal for complete control
  • Make changes in real time and on any device
  • Never miss another call with advanced call statistics
  • Reliable, always available network-based service

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Are Columbus Inbound Numbers and call handling solutions right for my business?

Customers benefit from sophisticated cloud-based call handling solutions free of capital expenditure and on-site hardware. Columbus also provides a web-enabled, secure and feature rich call management portal. From the portal customers can set up services including Auto Attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call queuing, call recording, fax to e-mail, voicemail (including e-mail delivery and text notification), hunt groups and call routing plans.

Inbound numbers (geographic and non-geographic number) sare an essential communications tool for businesses today and they can be used to improve the customer service experience, the measurement of ROI and performance of marketing campaigns, as well as a Business Continuity measure, increasing business resilence and flexibility. Columbus Inbound call handling solutions can be as simple as providing a single number where calls terminate to either a fixed line or mobile number or as complex as a sophisticated call management solution which captures agent information and caller feedback.

Columbus Inbound provides customers with complete control of your business numbers so you are not reliant on a network operator to make changes on your behalf, subject to timescales which might not suit your dynamic business environment. You can do everything yourself, enabling you to make changes securely and obtain important call reports and management information quickly which help you run your business really effectively.

How many calls does your business receive? How many calls are missed? how long do customer wait for an answer? How many enquiries has your latest ad campaign produced? When are your busiest hours and when should you ensure you have extra staff on hand? Columbus Inbound provides you with access to a full range of call routing features and management information that can help address these issues and so much more besides.

Avoid downtime, loss of productivity and lost sales with Columbus Inbound Numbers. In the event an office is inaccessible or there is a power outage for example, inbound calls can be quickly redirected to alternative offices and numbers. Better still, the alternative call routing can be pre-defined and set up as part of your Disaster Recovery plan and invoked swiftly whenever required.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple sites. Can you build tailored call routing plans?

Columbus Inbound Numbers provide the flexibility to build call routing plans according to your exact business needs and modify the plan instantly in accordance with your changing requirements, such as call overflow to another office during busy periods. You can also schedule call routing in advance and use call divert options to ensure you never miss a call.

Do you provide call statistics?

Absolutely. Easily interpreted stats and graphs of your inbound call statistics helps you track calls  enabling you to make informed decisions and enhance your customer service and marketing.

Do you provide call queuing?

Yes, you can use the Call Queue service to queue incoming calls to a destination number in our network to manage call handling during busy periods. Use live queue statistics to monitor customer service and make instant changes in terms of queue management and size with optional queue breakout and overflow preferences to an alternative destination, announcement or voicemail service. You can also project the information to a wallboard to give immediate feedback to call handling agents and their supervisors.

Do you provide Auto Attendants (IVR)

Yes we do. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to upload file announcements to an inbound call plan as a way of communicating with callers. You can use IVR to provide callers with call routing options for an auto attendant and announcements to inform customers of details such as opening hours and website address when the office is closed.

What other features do you provide?

  • Advanced call statistics show call handling efficiencies such as productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour and enables you to make informed business decisions. Find out how long it takes to answer calls, waiting time, call outcomes and see caller details.
  • Inbound reports can be scheduled so that your call statistics for daily, weekly or monthly time periods can be automatically sent to up to three dedicated email addresses.
  • Call Recording can be used for compliance, customer service or audit purposes.
  • Choose to retrieve voicemails online or by email with .wav attachments – a great way to maintain records and audit trails.
  • Call Whisper – a brief message is played to the call centre operative just before the call is taken giving further information on how to answer the call, allowing a more tailored response.
  • Time of day and call ratio routing – deliver calls to alternative offices at specific periods to deal with call traffic peaks or split the call traffic between offices.

“Make operational life simpler by switching to a single, reliable and trusted solution provider and concentrate on what’s really important to your business.”

What We Deliver…

Outstanding customer service and account management

A single supplier to help you consolidate services and reduce costs

Hassle free switching from your incumbent provider

Excellent network coverage and resilience

Extensive, high quality portfolio of services covering voice, data, mobile and IT

Reduced admin time with a single invoice for all services and a single point of contact

Big savings on multiple service bundles, competitive tariffs and accurate and timely bills

Commercial strength, stability and longevity

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