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Wherever your employees are based, the key to successful team working is seamless collaboration. Horizon Collaborate provides a complete unified communications experience which is designed to improve productivity and increase collaborative team working on any device. The service includes instant messaging, presence, voice and video calling, desktop and file sharing and audio and video conferencing.

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Work anywhere with the Horizon Collaborate service – in the office, on the move, or at home using your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Horizon Collaborate runs on Windows and Mac desktops, and iOS and Android mobiles.

Introducing Horizon Collaborate – a complete, unified communications solution.

Most businesses use a variety of channels for communication including telephone, email, conferencing, chat and video. As businesses have evolved and required new ways to improve customer service and responsiveness, they have acquired more and more tools such as Skype for internal calls, WebEx for conferences and WhatsApp for chat. This approach is not ideal as the tools are not connected and employees waste time by switching between tools and waiting for responses. Businesses also end up paying for apps that are underutilised. Horizon Collaborate provides a coherent, integrated approach that links all of these channels into a single, reliable solution that is easy to use, anywhere and on any device.

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Fully Integrated IP Telephony

All of the great features of the Horizon hosted phone system including bundled minutes available on any device.

Instant Messaging (Chat)

Secure, fast and easy to use online chat that prompts a quicker response than email.

Integrated Presence

Horizon Collaborate provides always-on visibility of your personal status which helps define the best way to communicate with colleagues.

Ad Hoc & Planned Conferencing

Quick and easy multi-party collaboration using My Room, a personal and fully managed conferencing space for voice, video and sharing.

Video Calling

Create a stronger collaborative experience using visual communication, especially for remotely-based employees from mobile or desktop app.

Desktop & File Sharing

Save time and improve productivity with the ability to instantly distribute files or share your desktop to show a colleague how to carry out a task.

Horizon Collaborate – the benefits for your business

  • Cost savings: reduced travel costs and savings on expenses.
  • Cost savings: savings from not having to subscribe to multiple platforms.
  • Less wasted time: less travel time for meetings means you get more done and increase productivity.
  • Less wasted time: users can move instantly from one communication channel to another, whilst collaborating with colleagues. There’s no switching between apps or time wasted waiting for a response.
  • Low and predictable costs: The Horizon Collaborate service and inclusive minutes to UK landlines and mobiles for a simple cost per user per month.
  • Reduced IT overhead: simple administration through the Horizon administration portal.
  • Simple to use: the user interface for Horizon Collaborate is similar on all supported mobile devices and desktops, which enhances the user experience and encourages adoption.
Voice & Video Calling

All the Horizon hosted phone system features in your pocket including call recording plus inclusive UK landline and mobile calls and conferencing.

Intuitive Interface

Horizon Collaborate provides a similar interface, no matter which device you use and includes easy to use chat and presence features for all devices.

Collaborate is Feature Packed

Video Conferencing

Create a stronger collaborative experience, especially for remote workers using the Collaborate My Room service on either the mobile or desktop app.

Desktop and File Sharing

Save time with instant file transfer or share your desktop with a colleague to solve an issue quickly.

The Collaborate Experience

Your desktop display at-a-glance. Click on a hotspot for further info.

Screenshot of Horizon Collaborate UC chat room

Update your availability, status and presence at any time to let your colleagues know your whereabouts and how best to contact you.


Quickly access your contacts list and contact with one click.

Communications History

Easily locate your call history and call back with click-to-dial.

Chat History

Quickly reference previous chats with colleagues.


Make internal and external calls and access voicemail.

Favourite Contacts

Check the status of your favourite contacts and connect with them quickly.

Options and Preferences

Enable and disable Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb and other features.

Live Chat

Send messages instantly to colleagues.

My Room

Use My Room for ad hoc and planned voice and video conferencing.

Video Calling

Use video to contact a colleague.

Desktop and File Sharing

Quickly give your colleagues access to your desktop to show them a worksheet or presentation for example and resolve issues and make decisions rapidly.

Boost Your Productivity
With Collaborate

Horizon an award winning hosted phone system just got even better. Save time, save money and boost efficiency and productivity across your organisation with a single, fully-featured, unified communications solution. Your employees need to be equipped to respond rapidly to a constant flow of queries across multiple channels including voice, email, chat, SMS, social media and video and  faster response times have become a key differentiator in the digital age that will help you stand out from the crowd.

By connecting your employees and applications effectively, you can transform how quickly and efficiently your business operates ensuring that your customers are fully satisfied whilst improving employee productivity and boosting your bottom line. The service provides a suite of collaboration services accessible anywhere and from any device making it ideal for dispersed work forces including office and remote workers. Horizon Collaborate is fully integrated with the award-winning Horizon hosted PBX service from Columbus UK for a true unified communications experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can do telephony, conferencing, chat and video with other apps. Do I really need Collaborate?

Using multiple collaboration tools such as Skype, WebEx, LoopUp and WhatsApp is inefficient, time consuming and expensive. Horizon Collaborate makes it very easy to collaborate seamlessly without switching applications. You can also communicate with colleagues, customers and partners without them having to have the same app or plugins installed.

Collaborate delivers all your communication needs in a single package for a fixed monthly price per user. This will help you to lower and control your operational costs. And because Collaborate is so easy to use, you will find that adoption rates are high and meeting travel costs are reduced. Configuration is simple using the Horizon administration portal and users can manage their call environment without needing to involve IT, both of which also lower your operational costs.

Can I record calls with Horizon Collaborate?

Yes you can. The advanced, scalable and resilient call recording capabilities of Horizon will record your users whether they prefer using a mobile, office phone, or soft client. Our advanced call recording can be enabled from the Horizon web portal for individual users or across hunt groups to cover all of your inbound and outbound call needs.

What is a hosted phone system?

If you rely on a traditional phone system (PBX) for your business, it could be time to consider moving to a hosted solution to realise all the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer. Hosted telephony provides a phone system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office. The service is accessed through a standard IP desk phone, mobile client or a softphone (a screen-based virtual phone with headset). Calls are made over a broadband connection.

As well as giving your organisation access to inclusive UK local, national and mobile calls, a hosted phone system provides a huge range of advanced call management features including call recording, CRM integration and adds-ons for call centres. Perhaps most important is the degree of control a hosted system gives your business. Your organisation’s entire communications, across multiple sites can be managed easily through an intuitive interface. There are also no costly PBX maintenance contracts or  upgrades with hosted telephony as we manage this for you and upgrades are included.

What's the call quality like?

As with all Hosted Phone Systems, call quality is dependent upon the quality and reliability of your broadband service. With our Ethernet and Broadband products you can be assured of great voice quality, underpinned by some of the most stringent service level agreements in the UK business market.

Is it expensive to install?

No, unlike traditional business phone systems only a minimal capital outlay is required as there is no physical phone system to install and maintain on the premises.

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    Transform Your Business with Horizon Collaborate

    Tired of traffic jams, delays and cost of travel to meetings?

    Leverage the latest communications technology to cut down on travel, reduce your carbon footprint, save time and make savings on travel expenses.

    The Challenge

    If there is one thing almost everyone in business can agree on, it’s that meetings can be a real pain. Whilst face-to-face meetings are essential to build relationships and acquire new business, they can be time consuming and expensive, especially when the potential new client isn’t right on your doorstep.

    The Solution

    Boost efficiency by utilising collaboration tools to host follow up meetings with clients. With the right suite of cloud-based communication and collaboration tools, you can give your meetings a much needed, top-to-bottom makeover. They become easier to set up and more engaging to attend to help you win new business.

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    “Internally you need a way to keep everyone informed, connected and focused on the right things. This is especially important if you have employees in remote offices, satellite locations or working from home. Horizon Collaborate will help you achieve this. ”


    Download our guides, infographics and brochure below.

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    How to use Cloud services to meet up, save time and get more done.

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    Find out how you can break the bad meeting cycle.

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    A really useful, high level overview of the Horizon Collaborate service.

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