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Columbus Hosted Desktop

Move your desktop applications and email to the cloud and work anywhere and on any device.


Improve IT efficiency and reduce costs

Eliminate IT expenditure on servers, networking technology and software as well as upgrades and maintenance.


So if you’re looking for a service that provides...

Applications and email anywhere, anytime. Allows you to scale up and down whenever you want, simple, fixed monthly pricing and great UK-based support...


Then our Hosted Desktop service is the right choice for your business.

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Securely connect to your desktop from any location using any device with Columbus Hosted Desktop solutions. More efficient, greener and better value than most premise-based solutions.

Hosted Desktop from Columbus provides a fully hosted desktop experience delivered from the cloud. This means users can access a Windows desktop, applications and email from anywhere, at anytime and on almost any internet-enabled device. As the service is fully hosted in the cloud, businesses can reduce on-site hardware and the resources needed to maintain and support the equipment. This helps businesses make significant cost savings, frees up the IT team to get on with more important things and also frees up office space. All user data is hosted and stored securely in state-of-the-art data centres. The system also includes built-in disaster recovery to eliminate the threat of downtime.

Service Highlights

  • Up to 40% cost savings over traditional premise-based solutions
  • Eliminate capital expenditure on servers, networking technology and software
  • Eliminate upgrades and maintenance costs on hardware and software
  • Reduce these costs without sacrificing user experience
  • Provides freedom to work from anywhere
  • Accessible on any PC, laptop or tablet
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Fixed monthly fee per user
  • Helps to enable a secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy
  • Securely delivered using resilient data centre infrastructure
  • Improves IT efficiency, security and convenience
  • Data is securely stored, controlled and backed up in the data centre
  • No risk of loss of data when laptops or mobile devices are lost or stolen

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Is Columbus Hosted Desktop right for my business?

The Columbus Hosted Desktop service is hosted in a secure and resilient data centre infrastructure which provides the highest levels of service availability, giving you peace of mind that you and your employees can access applications and data from anywhere and at anytime.

Your data resides in a network of secure and robust data centres which provides fully redundant data storage and automated data backup. The service is ideal for any size and type of business and provides enterprise-level protection for applications and data.

The Columbus Hosted Desktop service provides businesses with increased flexibility. It’s easy to scale up the service and set up new users quickly but it also provides the significant benefit of keeping new hardware costs to a minimum.  As the processing power is provided by our Hosted Desktop servers in our data centres, little processing power is required on local PCs and businesses can reuse older PCs by turning them into thin client devices to connect to the Hosted Desktop service.

Columbus Hosted Desktop is great for businesses that prefer OPEX-orientated pricing models rather than the substantial CAPEX needed for on-premise technology refreshes. Columbus Hosted Desktop could save you up to 40% on traditional IT operating costs when considering servers, software, licensing, maintenance and support costs.

Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. If you are still running either operating system on machines or servers your business could be susceptible to security and data issues which you should address as soon as possible. You could take advantage of Columbus Hosted Desktop Service to avoid the worry of upgrading operating systems manually as Columbus Hosted Desktop offers a seamless transition to new software and Microsoft updates, removing the threat of insecure and outdated software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business need any special equipment for Columbus Hosted Desktop?

No, businesses can use any PC, Mac or Linux machine to connect to their Hosted Desktop service. One of the significant benefits is that businesses can use existing PCs. As the processing power, RAM, and storage are provided by our servers, customers can use older PCs that would otherwise be unable to run a new operating system, thereby extending their working lives and increasing return on investment.

Do I need an Internet connection?

Yes, a reliable Internet connection is essential. As the Hosted Desktop service is hosted within our UK data centre environment, customers connect to their hosted desktops over the Internet.

Is it secure?

Absolutely. All data transmissions are encrypted. The Columbus Hosted Desktop service is hosted within fully secure UK data centres and all the data is stored and processed on servers within the data centres tehmeselves, so all that is actually transmitted across the internet are the screen changes on the desktop, key presses and mouse movements. Consequently, a hosted desktop is even more secure than a normal desktop PC.

“Make operational life simpler by switching to a single, reliable and trusted solution provider and concentrate on what’s really important to your business.”

What We Deliver…

Outstanding customer service and account management

A single supplier to help you consolidate services and reduce costs

Hassle free switching from your incumbent provider

Excellent network coverage and resilience

Extensive, high quality portfolio of services covering voice, data, mobile and IT

Reduced admin time with a single invoice for all services and a single point of contact

Big savings on multiple service bundles, competitive tariffs and accurate and timely bills

Commercial strength, stability and longevity

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