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Professional inbound and outbound call handling without the enterprise price tag. Horizon Call Centre is a Hosted Call Centre solution from Columbus UK. Simple to deploy, outstanding features, minimal CAPEX and low running costs. Measure performance, improve service levels and grow sales.

Horizon Call Centre is an add-on to Horizon, the hosted business phone system from Columbus UK. The Hosted Call Centre service is cloud-based with an extensive range of inbound and outbound call centre capabilities that can be managed from an easy-to-use web portal. It enables businesses to manage call centre environments with ease, boost productivity of agents and improve the overall efficiency and service levels provided by a call centre, whatever the size. As part of the feature set Horizon Call Centre provides detailed reporting on agent behaviour, customisable messaging to callers including optional estimated wait and call queue position, and increased capacity for queued calls.

Supervisors have full control over how the call centre is managed. Changes can be made to call groups, distribution lists and incoming call routing from anywhere, at any time. This includes barring calls, call monitoring and reordering call group queue priorities. Agent functionality includes, call answer, transfer, conference and call escalation, directory access and an agent state selector such as ‘available’ ‘unavailable’ and ‘wrap up’. Horizon Hosted Call Centre is ideal for any business that wants to effectively manage and/or monitor inbound and outbound calls; for example those with sales teams, help desks, accounts departments, receptionists or customer service representatives to large call centre environments.

Service Highlights

  • Intuitive and advanced management of inbound calls
  • Easy-to-use web-based admin interface
  • Boosts agent productivity
  • Makes calls easier to handle and distribute
  • Improves overall efficiency of your call centre
  • Simplifies how inbound calls are managed
  • Makes it easy to track agent performance
  • Exceptional feature set which includes:
  • Monitoring of agents, statuses and queues
  • Call Barging
  • Escalations
  • Call queue messaging
  • Call distribution
  • Agent Log In/Out
  • Agent States
  • Unavailable codes

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Horizon Call Centre Features

Horizon Call Centre is simple to set up and configure through an easy-to-use admin interface web portal and includes lots of clever features.

Gain Valuable Business Insights. Access to historical and real-time data to help address training needs and identify potential gaps in resources during peak periods.

You can easily set up how incoming calls are distributed and allocate agents to certain types of calls to ensure calls are answered efficiently and by the right agent. You can also set up recorded messages to inform callers of wait times and queue position using real-time data and queue up to 50 calls. And for times when agents need support from more senior members of staff call escalation is also available.

Determine which agents are monitored by which supervisors in order to ensure availability in the event a call needs to be escalated. When agents are unavailable to take calls, such as lunch breaks or in training, a code can be selected to specify their non-availability. This allows for more accurate reporting, while giving more of an insight into the agent’s behaviour throughout the working day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to install?

No, unlike traditional business phone systems only a minimal capital outlay is required as there is no physical phone system to install and maintain on the premises. Horizon Hosted Call Centre is subscription based and provided to customers for a very compelling and simple cost per agent per month.

What is the call quality like?

As with all Hosted Business Phone Systems and voice services, call quality is dependent upon the quality and reliability of your broadband service. That is why we have developed a range of connectivity options to suit all businesses whatever their size. From Assured IP Broadband for small sites to Converged Ethernet for large businesses. All services are fully managed and include Cisco hardware and comprehensive service level agreements. Call Columbus on 0333 240 7755 for more information.

What features are available to the Call Centre Manager?

Supervisors have extensive control over how the call centre is managed. Changes can be made to call groups, call queues, messaging, distribution lists and incoming call routing from anywhere at any time. This includes barring calls, call monitoring and reordering call group queue priorities.

Does Horizon Call Centre offer detailed call reporting?

Do you know how many calls you receive, how these are being handled and by whom? Horizon offers some key measurements through the web portal’s performance and advanced statistics. More in-depth call management reporting and wall board capabilities for real time views of calls are available using a service  called Akixi.

Does Horizon Call Centre support wall board integration?

Through our partnership with Akixi, the leading hosted call management service provider, you can now obtain a data feed for your Horizon Hosted Call Centre service, which will let you export the statistics you need to help manage your business and display them in real-time in a highly configurable wall board format.

Does it support call recording?

Yes. Call recording can be enabled from the Horizon web portal for individual users/DDIs or across hunt groups to cover all of your inbound and outbound call needs. Call recording is also extended to PC and mobile devices when either the PC softphone or mobile client is used for call handling purpose. Call recordings are easily accessible from the Horizon web portal where they can be downloaded to your local network for storage and archiving.

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