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Introducing the My Account Features

  • If you are a new customer, the Customer Service Team will send you a Welcome email once you have signed up.
  • Within the welcome email there will be a link to download your signed customer agreement to keep for your records as well as details of how to access your monthly invoices through the My Account service.
  • The My Account service also provides extensive reporting and bill analysis capabilities and also allows you to manage users and alerts.
  • The Customer Service Team will send you a separate email which includes details of how to access your username and password securely for the My Account service.


To login to your account click on ‘My Account’ above the navigation bar of the Columbus home page or click on the My Account sysmbol, both are highlighted in the screenshot below. Alternatively go to the My Account login page directly.

Click on the Login button for either UK or European customers depending on whether you are billed in GBP or Euros as shown below.

A new tab will open in your browser which will direct you to our billing portal. Please enter the your username and password provided by the Customer Service team to enter the portal. You will then arrive at the My Account home page shown below. A summary of the My Account features is also available below.

My Account Features Summary

  • View My Bills
    Displays a summary of your invoices per billing period and allows you to view and print them. From here you can click into any invoice to see a breakdown of charges and download the invoice and report files.
  • Create Reports
    From here you can create a range of pre-configured reports in PDF, Excel or CSV format.
  • Call Analysis
    Allows you to view, print and search through call data and filter the records based on specified search criteria.
  • View My Phone Numbers
    Here you can view your phone numbers and their details.
  • Manage Users
    From here you can create and modify user details.
  • Manage Cost Centres
    Allows you to create and modify cost centres.
  • Manage Departments
    Allows you to create and modify departments.
  • Manage User Alerts
    Here you can set up E-alerts on phone numbers and accounts.
  • Manage Global Alerts
    Here you can set up E-alerts based on various criteria.

If you need help with any aspect of the My Account service please contact the Customer Service team on 0333 240 7755. You can also contact us via live chat or use our contact form.

Need help with your My Account service?  Call us on 0333 240 7755 or use our live chat. Let's go!