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Business VoIP

How To Balance Your IT And Telephony Priorities

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The Only Constant is Change Today’s IT decision makers are facing a rapidly changing digital landscape. The priorities of IT departments within businesses are evolving, driven by three distinct pressures: The move from the ground to the cloud We’re not using 56k dial up anymore. The ubiquity of high bandwidth data connections has made cloud technology readily available to businesses...
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Horizon Hosted Business Phone System Web Portal Performance Statistics

Phone systems for your mobile workforce

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Call Recording, Cloud Voice, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Mobile Services, Voice Services
Discover the limitations of traditional phone systems and learn why you should introduce a feature-rich, flexible alternative. There is no doubt that UK working practices have changed significantly over the last decade and the introduction of government legislation (The Flexible Working Regulations 2014) which gives employees the right to request flexible working has helped to accelerate a shift to remote...
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