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Music on Hold from Columbus UK for all of your on hold requirements including announcements, auto attendant greetings, music on hold, call queue comfort messages an more.

Music On Hold – 5 reasons why your business could benefit from professional MoH

By Business Phone Systems, Music on Hold, Voice Services

Music on Hold can make the difference Could your business be missing a trick when it comes to welcoming customers who connect with you over the phone? Here are our top five reasons you should be installing a professional music on hold and audio greeting today. Your telephone system is a doorway to your business where first impressions really do…

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Hosted Phone System handsets from Columbus UK. Image of Polycom VVX IP handsets. One IP handset in focus in foreground. One IP handset blurred in background.

Hosted Phone System Promotion

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Cloud Voice, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Hosted Telephony

Hosted Phone System Promotion As working practices have altered dramatically over the last decade, more businesses need communications technology which affords them increased flexibility for employees that work on the move or from home for example. Columbus provides a hosted phone system called Horizon which is great for businesses as it is quick to deliver, easy to manage and very…

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MiFIDII, FSA and PCI DSS compliant call recording solutions from Columbus UK.

What are the business benefits of call recording?

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Call Recording, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Inbound Call Handling Services, Inbound Call Solutions

What are the business benefits of call recording? With new legislation in the form of MiFID II coming into force for financial services organisations next year plus other ongoing UK and EU compliance requirements (PCI DSS and FSA), there are lots of regulatory reasons for introducing call recording to your business. But it’s not just about compliance; there are plenty…

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Three Big Reasons to Move Your Business to SIP Trunks.

Three big reasons to move your business to SIP Trunks today

By Business Phone Systems, SIP Trunking, Voice Services
Three big reasons to move your business to SIP Trunks today The movement from traditional phone lines over to SIP Trunks and hosted telephony services is something that businesses can’t ignore. With major suppliers announcing that they will be switching off their ISDN network, the stalwart across offices in the UK for decades, by 2025, now is the time to...
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Image of the business case for SIP eGuide cover page from Columbus UK. Columbus explores the business case for ISDN replacement services such as SIP Trunks and Hosted Telephony Solutions from Columbus UK.

SIP and the benefits of moving from older ISDN Business Line services

By Business Phone Systems, Flexible Working, Remote Working, SIP Trunking
If you have not already moved to SIP, you should consider it now. Over the past few decades, cultural and technological trends have dramatically transformed the workplace. Today, flexible working is a way of life. Employees now have greater control over their work-life balance than ever before, and employers understand that productivity is not confined to a desk. As such,...
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Image of graphs on A4 paper.

Consider a Converged Business Communications Solution

By Broadband, Business Phone Systems, Converged Business Communications, Mobile Services, Voice Services
Save time and money with a single provider for your business communications services. It maybe time consider a Converged approach.  If your business uses multiple providers for its communication services, then you will be familiar with the pain of making a change to your services all too well. If you are moving to a new office, coordinating multiple providers can...
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Horizon Hosted Business Phone System Web Portal Performance Statistics

Phone systems for your mobile workforce

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Call Recording, Cloud Voice, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Mobile Services, Voice Services
Discover the limitations of traditional phone systems and learn why you should introduce a feature-rich, flexible alternative. There is no doubt that UK working practices have changed significantly over the last decade and the introduction of government legislation (The Flexible Working Regulations 2014) which gives employees the right to request flexible working has helped to accelerate a shift to remote...
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Image of Cisco IP handset. Hosted Telephony, SIP Trunks, Business Phone Systems and Phone Numbers from Columbus UK.

How does your Hosted Telephony Provider match up?

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Cloud Voice, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Hosted Telephony
Eight ways to tell if you're not getting the service you deserve from your hosted telephony service provider. Columbus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the telecoms, data and IT sectors and more specifically in delivering and supporting innovative communications and IT solutions. This allows organisations to concentrate on core competencies, knowing that critical systems and services are...
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Image of Polycom VVx 600 Ip handset with camera attachment from Columbus UK.

SME guide to improving business performance through connected communications

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Cloud Voice, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Voice Services
An SME's Guide to Improving Business Performance Through Connected Communications Columbus UK provides businesses with a range of communications solutions that work hand-in-hand, covering voice, data and mobile services. By supplying a comprehensive range of connected voice, data and mobile services this gives customers the ability to simplify and consolidate their business communications services, lower operating costs,  increase productivity and...
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What is Horizon and how will it benefit your business?

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Cloud Voice, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Voice Services
Move your Business Phone System to the Cloud securely and reliably with Horizon. Horizon is the hosted business phone system from Columbus UK and it helps businesses move their telephony to the cloud securely, reliably and with ease. Businesses do not have to rely on ageing phone systems that are situated in an office or place of business. Instead Columbus...
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