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Music on Hold from Columbus UK for all of your on hold requirements including announcements, auto attendant greetings, music on hold, call queue comfort messages an more.

Music on Hold can make the difference

Could your business be missing a trick when it comes to welcoming customers who connect with you over the phone? Here are our top five reasons you should be installing a professional music on hold and audio greeting today. Your telephone system is a doorway to your business where first impressions really do matter. Making it as appealing as possible and creating a positive caller experience both to new or returning customers is a sure-fire way to convert calls into sales and give you that much needed edge over your competitors.

Music on Hold for businesses of any size

Yet many businesses choose not to make the most of this opportunity, put off by perceived high costs and presumed complex systems being out of reach for smaller businesses. But this isn’t the case at all. Here are our top five reasons your business should be installing bespoke audio greetings and music-on-hold today:

  1. You’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool
    If you’re looking to spend on enhancing communication with your customers then targeting a captive audience is an obvious way to ensure return on investment and improve your chances of up-selling and cross-selling to those already engaged with your product or service. A customer that has committed the time to call you is the most likely to spend money so while they’re on the line, make the most of the opportunity to tell them all about your exciting new products, exclusive deals and special offers.
  2. Reassure potential customers and reinforce your brand
    An amateur phone greeting with clunky instructions and unsuitable music doesn’t exactly reassure new clients that you’re a dependable business offering robust and reliable products or services. Boost your company’s image and reputation by presenting a professional greeting that demonstrates your brand values and gain that all-important edge over competing businesses.
  3. Reduce the number of abandoned calls
    While many businesses continue to opt to record their own phone greetings, many have no greeting at all, with beeps and silence on hold leading to caller confusion, frustration and abandoned calls. Your call-handling system and on-hold messaging is the doorway to your business – make it a simple and pleasant experience where new customers feel welcome and existing ones feel valued – they’ll be less likely to ditch the call and go elsewhere.
  4. Speed up the call handling process
    Whether it’s a message about having their account number ready or a payment card to hand, you can make your call handling more efficient and process calls quicker by preparing your customers in advance before they reach the agent. Speeding up the call-handling process increases your staff productivity while your customers spend less time in the on-hold queue – a win-win situation all round.
  5. Welcome callers even when you’re closed
    Maintain a professional image out of hours by informing your customers of your normal opening hours and closure dates over bank holidays and the Christmas period. They’ll be reassured that you want to hear from them and encouraged to call back at another time or use an alternative method to get in touch.

New Music on Hold service from Columbus UK

Here at Columbus UK, we know that the one-size-fits-all approach offered by our competitors often misses the needs of those smaller businesses requiring flexibility at a lower cost. That’s why we have launched our brand new audio greetings and music-on-hold portal, suited to businesses of any shape and size to construct the perfect bespoke welcome for their customers. The unique self-service portal is available 24/7 and enables you to enter draft script, listen and choose from 150 voice actors with a broad range of accents and dialects from across the UK and beyond, and select music from over 300 royalty-paid tunes to perfectly match your product or service and complement your brand. Greetings are produced within 48 hours of you sending your request and once signed-off, they’re quickly and easily installed onto your phone system. Not sure what to say? Our script wizards are on hand to help with tips and if you don’t want to write it yourself we have professional script writers readily available to do it for you.

Visit the portal Columbus MoH portal and watch our video