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Image of Cisco IP handset. Hosted Telephony, SIP Trunks, Business Phone Systems and Phone Numbers from Columbus UK.

Eight ways to tell if you’re not getting the service you deserve from your hosted telephony service provider.

Columbus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the telecoms, data and IT sectors and more specifically in delivering and supporting innovative communications and IT solutions. This allows organisations to concentrate on core competencies, knowing that critical systems and services are fully managed and protected by Columbus. One of Columbus’ own core competencies is the planning, delivery and ongoing support of hosted telephony solutions for UK businesses. Find out how Columbus differs from other hosted phone system providers below.

Unrivalled Hosted Telephony Customer Experience

One of the most important considerations for any Hosted Telephony deployment is the customer experience. Columbus was an early adopter of hosted voice service provision in the UK market. This has helped us develop deep expertise and knowledge over the last decade that provides us with a clear competitive edge in the hosted business phone system market. Customers benefit from an exceptional service experience covering pre-sales and technical planning, on site deployment, training and ongoing support which is second to none. We are also experts in number porting which means that we can safely manage the seamless transfer of your existing telephone numbers from other service providers and legacy services such as ISDN. Unlike BT ISDN for example you will never lose your telephone numbers if you move office outside of a local BT exchange area as our telephone number ranges are hosted and have no physical connection to BT exchanges.

Financial Stability

Trusting your hosted telephony services to a new supplier is always a decision that should not be taken lightly and ensuring that you select a provider with a track record of financial stability is vital. Columbus was established in 1996 and it is debt free and profitable and most importantly trusted by hundreds of business customers and suppliers across the UK. Our blend of longevity, transparency, fair terms and pricing alongside our exceptional customer service has helped us develop an extensive and devoted customer base from a wide variety of business sectors.

ISO Standards

Columbus hosted telephony services not only lead the way in terms of the customer experience offered by the web portal and feature set, but also offers customers the levels of resilience and security required to support its customers effectively. The network holds both ISO22301 and ISO27001 standards, which are mandatory to service the enterprise market. ISO22031 illustrates that business risks have been thoroughly evaluated and comprehensive business continuity plans have been built for all services and infrastructure. The ISO27001 award (as well as ND1643 for network interconnect security) shows that the relevant information security management has been attained and assures that customer data will be kept confidential and secure at all times.

Download the complete Columbus Guide below – “How does your hosted telephony provider match up? 8 ways to tell if you’re not getting the service you deserve.”

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