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Three Big Reasons to Move Your Business to SIP Trunks.

Three big reasons to move your business to SIP Trunks today

By Business Phone Systems, SIP Trunking, Voice Services
Three big reasons to move your business to SIP Trunks today The movement from traditional phone lines over to SIP Trunks and hosted telephony services is something that businesses can’t ignore. With major suppliers announcing that they will be switching off their ISDN network, the stalwart across offices in the UK for decades, by 2025, now is the time to...
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Image of Office 365 on iPad from Columbus UK.

Has your business embraced flexible working?

By Broadband, Flexible Working, Hosted Business Phone Systems, Inbound Call Solutions, IT Services, Mobile Services, Remote Working

The UK government’s flexible working laws have been in place since June 2014. Rights that were previously only reserved for carers and those looking after children have now been extended to the wider working population which means that your business is more than likely impacted. Whilst many businesses across the country have embraced flexible working and made the necessary HR…

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Image of lock which repesents security for business phone systems.

10 ways to secure your business phone systems

By Business Phone Systems, Business VoIP, Cloud Voice, Hosted Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems – Security Best Practice If your business phone system is not managed properly and system security is weak, it could be vulnerable to hacking. Historically, there is a high risk of PBX fraud as a result of hacking attempts on business phone systems during holiday periods. This is due to business premises being left empty for longer…

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