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Image of display monitors illustrating Horizon web portal used for hosted business phone system management.

New release available now for Horizon Hosted Business Phone Systems

The latest service release for Horizon, the Hosted Business Phone System from Columbus UK is available now.  This release focuses on an extensive update to the Advanced Call Recording to make search, call recording retrieval and bulk deletion much simpler and easier to use.

The improvements include:

  • Faster searches for recordings
  • Bulk download of recordings
  • Bulk delete of recordings

Specific improvements include:

  • Improved GUI performance when searching & downloading
  • More manageable search results
  • Up to 1000 inbound calls downloadable at once
  • Up to 1000 outbound calls downloadable at once
  • Up to 1000 calls deleted at once
Image of Horizon GUI for call recordings

Call Recording is now easier to manage – new service release for March 2016.

To find out more download the PDF and if you need further advice please contact us.