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Hosted Card Payment SolutionsPCI CompliancePCI DSSPCI DSS Level 1

What SMEs can do to avoid a serious card data breach

BA suffers significant data breach The recent data breach that occurred at British Airways showed that even the biggest of companies with, what customers hope are the most stringent security policies in place, aren’t exempt from the challenges associated with protection of data. But what chance do small businesses have if their larger corporate counterparts are struggling in the battle…
19th September 2018
PCI Compliance Solutions from Columbus UKPCI CompliancePCI DSS

PCI DSS compliant card payment solutions that work for SMEs

Card payment solutions that offer accredited Level 1 PCI DSS certification are not just for large businesses, SMEs can now get in on the act too. Micro businesses and SMEs have often been overlooked when it comes to providing card payment solutions that are affordable and effective and meet PCI DSS obligations. For many years there has been an invisible…
3rd August 2018
Hosted Phone Systems from Columbus UK include a variety of Disaster Recovery options as standard so if your workers are snowbound they can still work as if they were in the office.Disaster RecoveryHosted Phone SystemsHosted TelephonyInbound Call SolutionsMobile ServicesRemote Working

Hosted phone system helps luxury eyewear retailer beat the ‘Beast From The East’

S truck by the worst snowstorms in over a decade and unable to get to work for three days, learn how it was business as usual for Pretavoir staff using the Horizon hosted phone system and mobile apps from Columbus UK. The ‘Beast From The East’ Arrives in the UK Overnight on Wednesday, 28th February, unprecedented amounts of snow fell…
27th March 2018
PCI DSS Compliance solutions from Columbus UKCall RecordingInbound Call Handling ServicesInbound Call SolutionsLegislation and CompliancePCI CompliancePCI DSS

Is it time you tackled your PCI DSS compliance?

PCI DSS Compliance The UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017* revealed that nearly half of all UK businesses had suffered a cyber breach in the previous 12 months with small businesses hit particularly hard by attacks. With more stringent data protection laws in the form of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May…
27th February 2018
Hosted Phone System handsets from Columbus UK. Image of Polycom VVX IP handsets. One IP handset in focus in foreground. One IP handset blurred in background.Business Phone SystemsBusiness VoIPCloud VoiceHosted Business Phone SystemsHosted Telephony

Hosted Phone System Promotion

Hosted Phone System Promotion As working practices have altered dramatically over the last decade, more businesses need communications technology which affords them increased flexibility for employees that work on the move or from home for example. Columbus provides a hosted phone system called Horizon which is great for businesses as it is quick to deliver, easy to manage and very…
3rd October 2017
Business Mobile Solutions from Columbus UK4GBusiness MobileBusiness Mobile PlansMobile Services

Business Mobile – getting the best from your investment

Business Mobile investment advice from Columbus UK The business communications landscape is evolving at an incredible pace, driven in part by the innovation in technology, network and service investment and of course competition. This is particularly evident in mobile which is expected to grow significantly over the next decade, but how do you get the best from your business mobile…
4th August 2017
MiFIDII, FSA and PCI DSS compliant call recording solutions from Columbus UK.Business Phone SystemsBusiness VoIPCall RecordingHosted Business Phone SystemsInbound Call Handling ServicesInbound Call Solutions

What are the business benefits of call recording?

What are the business benefits of call recording? With new legislation in the form of MiFID II coming into force for financial services organisations next year plus other ongoing UK and EU compliance requirements (PCI DSS and FSA), there are lots of regulatory reasons for introducing call recording to your business. But it’s not just about compliance; there are plenty…
1st June 2017
Mobile data set to skyrocket by 700% in 2021 - Columbus UK.4GBusiness MobileBusiness Mobile PlansMobile Services

Mobile Data set to skyrocket by 700% in as little as 4 years

Mobile Data set to skyrocket by 700% in as little as 4 years According to the Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index Forecast, mobile data consumption is set to increase seven-fold by 2021. What is driving this huge, forecasted increase? There are many reasons we can consider including: The global proliferation of smartphone ownership. Smartphones will account for more than half…
16th May 2017
Business Mobile Plans and Business Mobile Phones from Columbus UK4GBusiness MobileBusiness Mobile PlansMobile ServicesMultiNetRoaming

The top 3 things to look for in a business mobile provider

The top 3 things to look for in a business mobile provider From business mobile devices, USB modems, data and or voice SIMs to wireless hotspots, mobile technology is now an integral part of any modern business communications plan. It helps organisations manage calls effectively wherever their employees are based and mobile applications keep workflows moving, save users time and…
11th May 2017
Image of office worker accessing his mobile device in office. Business Mobile Plans and Business Mobile Solutions from Columbus UK. Call 0333 240 7755 for further information.4GBusiness MobileBusiness Mobile PlansMobile ServicesMultiNetRoaming

Business Mobile Plans – Double Data promotion extended

Double Data Promotion Extended For Columbus Business Mobile Plans Business Mobile Data usage in the UK is skyrocketing and this has been driven by companies adopting mobile-centric technology such as next generation, unified communications solutions and embracing the move to the cloud for server-based applications and services that would have previously been managed in-house. As a result Business Mobile users…
6th April 2017
Image of the business case for SIP eGuide cover page from Columbus UK. Columbus explores the business case for ISDN replacement services such as SIP Trunks and Hosted Telephony Solutions from Columbus UK.Business Phone SystemsFlexible WorkingRemote WorkingSIP Trunking

SIP and the benefits of moving from older ISDN Business Line services

If you have not already moved to SIP, you should consider it now. Over the past few decades, cultural and technological trends have dramatically transformed the workplace. Today, flexible working is a way of life. Employees now have greater control over their work-life balance than ever before, and employers understand that productivity is not confined to a desk. As such,…
29th March 2017
Image of graphs on A4 paper.BroadbandBusiness Phone SystemsConverged Business CommunicationsMobile ServicesVoice Services

Consider a Converged Business Communications Solution

Save time and money with a single provider for your business communications services. It maybe time consider a Converged approach.  If your business uses multiple providers for its communication services, then you will be familiar with the pain of making a change to your services all too well. If you are moving to a new office, coordinating multiple providers can…
27th March 2017
Business VoIPCloud ServicesCloud VoiceHosted Business Phone SystemsHosted TelephonyIT ServicesMobile ServicesVoice Services

How To Balance Your IT And Telephony Priorities

The Only Constant is Change Today’s IT decision makers are facing a rapidly changing digital landscape. The priorities of IT departments within businesses are evolving, driven by three distinct pressures: The move from the ground to the cloud We’re not using 56k dial up anymore. The ubiquity of high bandwidth data connections has made cloud technology readily available to businesses…
27th March 2017
Horizon Hosted Business Phone System Web Portal Performance StatisticsBusiness Phone SystemsBusiness VoIPCall RecordingCloud VoiceHosted Business Phone SystemsMobile ServicesVoice Services

Phone systems for your mobile workforce

Discover the limitations of traditional phone systems and learn why you should introduce a feature-rich, flexible alternative. There is no doubt that UK working practices have changed significantly over the last decade and the introduction of government legislation (The Flexible Working Regulations 2014) which gives employees the right to request flexible working has helped to accelerate a shift to remote…
15th December 2016
Image of Cisco IP handset. Hosted Telephony, SIP Trunks, Business Phone Systems and Phone Numbers from Columbus UK.Business Phone SystemsBusiness VoIPCloud VoiceHosted Business Phone SystemsHosted Telephony

How does your Hosted Telephony Provider match up?

Eight ways to tell if you're not getting the service you deserve from your hosted telephony service provider. Columbus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the telecoms, data and IT sectors and more specifically in delivering and supporting innovative communications and IT solutions. This allows organisations to concentrate on core competencies, knowing that critical systems and services are…
12th December 2016